Why MedQB

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 Despite advances in Healthcare IT, providers are struggling to create consistent health histories for patients because health information is difficult to transfer. Electronic Health Record systems have done wonders for communicating health information within specific facilities or even health systems, but if patients leave that health system the EHR has no way of transferring patient data to a different EHR system.

The result: Doctors are often making diagnoses based on incomplete information. Without proper context providers can unknowingly order redundant tests or treatments, or even prescribe improper medications or interventions.  A better application of technology is needed to stop medical errors caused by lack of information.

MedQB redefines the way patients obtain and transfer health information. By accessing any healthcare portal of the patient’s choosing, MedQB retrieves the desired health records and transfers them to another healthcare database — usually a doctor’s office. MedQB then saves the access information to that portal so the user can retrieve information from that source in the future with just a few clicks.

MedQB ensures doctors are receiving relevant, accurate information vetted by previous providers with which to make clinical decisions. For patients, MedQB provides an intuitive way to securely transfer health information that doctors need to prescribe the best treatments.

Learn more about MedQB at www.medqb.com


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